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Steam Locomotive Ride Along

Above: Norfolk Southern used this beautiful streamlined steam locomotive, owned by the Virginia Museum of Transportation, to haul several mainline trips over their southeastern mainlines in 2016.

In this video, ride along on a famous American steam locomotive on the former Southern Railway mainline between Asheville and Grovestone Siding, North Carolina. Hear the whistle blow and watch the wheels rolls as the train makes its way through winding curves, steep grades, and large crowds of admiring fans at each grade crossing.

About Delay In Block Productions

Delay in Block productions is a video production company company specialized in high-definition railroad photos and videos.


  • What an awesome Video, the sound is so Cool, the steady pulsating rhythm of the engine, with the smooth continuous motion the wheels, and as the speed increases, the sound quickens, and that stream whistle is so unique from the modern locomotives today. I just love this video. It would be so exciting to be in that Locomotive cab.

  • Paul Trumpore says:

    Lol going around the second corner, I was in the yellow jacket.

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