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The Man Behind The WiFi: Deshler Crossroads Park

Above: Greg Zoll is responsible for maintaining the park’s WiFi connection, landscaping, and other miscellaneous tasks. He and several other important area residents are what keep this park open to the public.

Greg Zoll, long time volunteer at Deshler, Ohio’s famous Crossroads Park, wears many hats. For years, he has been assisting the Bartlow Township Historical Society in maintaining the hallowed ground. In this tiny town of 1,800 people, two of CSX Transportation’s busiest mainlines intersect. North to South is the Toledo Subdivision, while the East/West mainline is divided by the Willard to the East and Garrett Subdivision at the diamond.

Below: Deshler Crossroads Park as seen from an aerial drone view.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0039.JPG

Deshler is unique because it is run entirely by volunteers and it is not a city park. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep the grounds well maintained and clean for visitors. Another unique feature of the park is that camp fires are allowed and there are no fences. Railfans are asked to be present at all times when fires are 13239312_10154168789152463_1426361184356429073_nlit and are also asked to clean up after pets. The Pet Owner is a notorious offender in leaving unwanted deposits behind.

On a typical day, one can expect to see anywhere from sixty to eighty trains in a twenty four hour period at this intersection. It’s a place railfans all over the world make a pilgrimage to visit. In our most recent YouTube upload, we interviewed Zoll for an overview of the park, a short history of how it was created, and how people can continue to support it. To make a donation, please send a check to PO Box 131 Deshler, OH 43516 or drop a cash donation in the box located at the park (seen in the image on the right).

Watch the video interview with Greg Zoll below:

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