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December 2015

Iowa Pacific E9s

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Above: Conductor Mike Polk waves from the cab of SLRG #103, a EMD E9 diesel locomotive, now owned by Iowa Pacific Holdings.

Iowa Pacific stores some unique passenger equipment on Chicago Terminal’s property out of Bensenville, Illinois. Owned by Ed Ellis, Iowa Pacific is home to some of the finest pieces of classic American rolling stock, with one of the largest private collections of passenger cars in the country. In addition to the passenger coaches, Iowa Pacific has a large collection of classic EMD E8 and 9 diesel locomotives that are stored on the Chicago Terminal.

On November 15th, after a short visit to Train Fest in Milwaukee, the Delay In Block camera crew was given special access to a rare deadhead move on the Chicago Terminal Railroad. In addition to our cameras, Casey Thomason of Norfolk Southern decided to join in on the chase with a small group of other prominent Chicagoland railfans.

Two of Iowa Pacific’s recently acquired E units, along with a leased B unit, would be transported from Bensenville to Madison, WI over the WSOR. Since the lead locomotives were ex-Wisconson Southern and still wore the bright red and silver of the previous owner, it made for an interesting move. The locomotives and accompanying coaches were to be used on Iowa Pacific’s holiday trains out of Middleton, WI.

Below: This thirty-plus minute video showcases the entire deadhead move out of Chicagoland.